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Home Tune Up Program

Home Tune Up is a simple program offered to homeowners that just need a quick "Tune Up".

What is it? 5 hours for $150.00, and we service as much of the following elements of your home as we can in that time:

Most of these items can be quickly and easily repaired or serviced. Along the way, if any items should require more then a "quick fix" a report will be created along with recommendations and estimated costs.


How do I know its going to be worth it?
Our goal is not only to make your home more functional in short period of time. But to introduce you to our services. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression of our skills and abilities and earn your future business.

What if you finish before the 5 hours?
Should all items listed in our checklist be serviced prior to the 5 hours, we can pro rate our fees, or our time can be spent servicing any additional items you my require that can be achieved in the remaining time.

What if you don’t finish before the 5 hours?
If we are close to being done, we'll just finish it up. If there is still considerable work to be done, we can continue at a prorated hourly fee.

Is the work warrantied?